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Water Path _ Fábricas De Riópar


Riópar (AB)
Fábricas de RióparPatrimonioPatrimonio RuralRiópar

The project pursues the preparation of a route that emphasizes this articulated system around water, communicating places with roads and trails.

This route aims to recover some of the forgotten elements of the industrial heritage of the area, focusing on them, favoring the development of initiatives that restore the damaged local heritage.

A patrimonial itinerary is developed at a local scale of approximately 10 kilometers in  Riópar (Albacete), with stretches that run through both rustic and urban land, acting as a connector between heterogeneous landscapes.


It will allow a global reading of the whole, combining the different elements associated with it (dams, dams, ponds, hydroelectric plants, pile drivers, mills, etc.), objects and heritage sites, spatially separated, giving account of part of the history of the brass industry in the territory.


This route also aims to enrich the territorial identity, allowing the understanding of this patrimonial element in its context and the relationship between society and place.

The initial project requirements establish maximum respect for the characteristics of the territory, with minimal interventions, preserving as much as possible their original characteristics.

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