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Nerpio (AB)
Obra terminada
77 m2
BioconstrucciónCalCúpulaGeodésicaMaderaMadera aserradaPajaTierra cruda

El Sembrador Foundation contacted us to organize a workshop for people in the labor reintegration itinerary whose objective would be to build a complementary space for the “Cortijo Covaroca” Shelter of Nerpio (a company belonging to  El Sembrador Foundation)


The precursor of the idea was its manager, Juan Segarra, a person who was planting seeds of innovation throughout the “Sierra del Segura”. New ways of thinking, doing and living.


He wanted a building with bioconstruction criteria that could be carried out with unskilled labor, in addition to having a very limited budget.


Paraje Covaroca is a secluded place, surrounded by nature, which invites you to disconnect from the daily hustle and relax to the fullest.

There already existed a hostel that lacked a room to hold meetings, courses or workshops.


In the end, it was decided to carry out a geodesic dome with wooden structure, and enclosures of recycled wood, lime, mud and straw.


During one month we lived an unforgettable experience where all the participants of the workshop and the organizers got the most out of contributing their ideas and their good work.

However, we did not manage to finish the work because time and money were not enough.

The work was completed by companies in the area .

The dome still has some problems with the exterior cladding and we are working to solve them. The problem was the application of lime plasters at lower temperatures than recommended, which caused that its setting was incorrect and formed a non-stable base for all the coatings that have been applied a posteriori.

What most surprises the people who visit the dome is its enveloping, warm and majestic interior, as well as acoustic conditions that have attracted the attention of professional singers and pianists.

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