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Rural House La Noguera


Casa de la Noguera (Albacete)
BioconstrucciónCasa RuralRiópar

The initial proposal of this unbuilt project pursued a full respect to the configuration of the village with three main guidelines:

  1. CONSERVE THE VIEWS FROM THE PLATE AT CALAR, being this placeta the main place where the social acts of the village are organized, through a permeable patio.
  2. A COMPLETELY WHITE finish, although with different textures, integrating into the layout of whitewashed houses that surround it.
  3. A HETEROGENEOUS VOLUME including vineyards and patios.

The promoter was interested in permaculture and sustainable construction.

It is proposed to collect water from the roofs in a cistern, as well as an arable interior patio, a garden patio that is rooted in the ground, as one more room in the house.

The bedrock that appears in the plot is conserved and on it the staircase of connection of all the plants is carved and constructed.

dibujo detalle 1 casa noguera
dibujo detalle 4 casa noguera
dibujo detalle 2 casa noguera
dibujo detalle 3 casa noguera
dibujo detalle 6 casa noguera
plano detalle 1 casa noguera
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