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Our architecture studio Los Pies en la Tierra® works for people who want to live or set up a business in rural areas, whether secluded in the mountains or in a small town.

Feeling overwhelmed or trapped in the overcrowded city,or do not want pollution and noise, or you are thinking of moving to a town or to the countryside. You may long for a life where you wake up surrounded by nature, where the air is clean.

You have a creative company or an online business that does not force you to live in any specific place and you want to establish yourself in a healthy environment.

You want to see your children grow surrounded by nature

These are the services we have for you:

The deeds of your land, rent your town house and land registry errors. Do Not Waste any More Time

Activity project, small renovation,  demolition projects, we help you with those little steps

Do you want to create your home, or the headquarters of your business? Let’s Build together

We accompany you all the way, and your move to the countryside will be much simpler. We start now!

Statistics say that by 2050, 7 out of 10 people in the world will live in cities. I am going to be one of the other 3, of those who are lucky enough to live in the Rural World.

We look for a perfect place for you, so that you do not take unpleasant surprises or make unrecoverable investments.

We control your work closely, so you will have updated information about the progress of the day to day work. Constructions with HEALTHY MATERIALS, and high ENERGY EFFICIENCY.

Rural architecture that reinforces the CONNECTION WITH THE LANDSCAPE. We consciously avoid a unique style.  Our work emphasizes the DIVERSITY that results from mixing the CLIENT with the PLACE.

Just contact us for information about your project

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